Asp (Aspius)

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Asp (Aspius)


Notorious for furious attacks and a relative of the ever-popular Carp, Asp is a freshwater favorite in many parts of Europe. Whether you’re targeting it in Russia or Romania, get ready – this delicate-looking fish will most certainly give you a run for your money on light tackle. 


Where to catch Asp

This strong fighting fish is native to the northern parts of the European continent and can be found all the way from Norway to the southern reaches of the Danube. They’re most common in the lower parts of rivers, with anglers also reporting catches in lakes and their tributaries. Look out for them around bridge pilings and pools as they patrol the waters looking for prey. 


How to fish

Asp usually feed around sunset. So for the best chance of a catch, target them in the evening, while they’re hunting for small bait fish. It’s popular to fish for them with live or dead bait, but artificial lures, particularly spoons, can also provoke an exciting reaction. Try casting, drift fishing, or trolling to get their attention. Then – hold on. These members of the Cyprinidae family don’t give up easily!


Good to eat?

While Asp taste good, they’re rarely considered a food fish. Their boney flesh makes them much more suitable for catch-and-release than taking home to the dinner table.